1 King 6:7, “And the home, when it was in establishing, was constructed of STONE made prepared before it was launched thither: in order that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any instrument of iron heard inside the home, whereas it was in establishing.
Revelation 21:10-11, “And he carried me away all through the spirit to an excellent and excessive mountain, and shewed me that good metropolis, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, Having the glory of God: and her mild was like unto a STONE most treasured, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal”
Verse 19, “And the foundations of the wall of metropolis had been garnished with all methodology of PRECIOUSE STONES …”
Widespread denominator is that each Stones in Solomon’s and Yeshua’s had been made prepared.
New Testomony of which Yeshua’s Will is being written and honoured, the temple is all those that select to be reworked, disciplined, and discipled by Him and the tip product is a Treasured Stone, as oppose to temple assemble by hand. That is the methodology by which Yeshua made prepared the Stones which can occupy the New Jerusalem versus Solomon’s already made Stone utilized in establishing the magnificent Temple at Jerusalem.
It’s good for us to know the Data of Revelation in order that we don’t concern ourselves concerning the establishing of 1 completely different temple for any sacrifice, for Yeshua should not be going to endure one completely different abominable of us to officiate on any temple in Jerusalem after He destroyed the temple of His physique and the Jerusalem temple, for a bigger non secular establishing of His physique who will then take over the New Jerusalem, the place He’ll reign endlessly.
I plead with the Torah believers of as we converse to heed the phrases of the Prophets and the Christians throughout the globe in affirmation that Yeshua the Christ has come and gone, and we’re testifiers to this actuality, we aren’t mendacity. It’s good for all of you to hunt the very fact by accepting Him into your life in order to flee the good tribulation that’s approaching all those that rejected Him and everlasting punishment in hell fireside when He come as quickly as further as we predict Him as He promised. CAN YOU TRY AND MAKE YOURSELF READY?

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